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The Rose Bowl flyover angle that USC and Penn State fans couldn't see

Ever wonder what it's like to see the Rose Bowl from the perspective of a B-2 pilot making a flyover?

Maybe this will help.

Rose Bowl Flyover USC Penn State

Photographer Mark Holtzman of West Coast Aerial Photography took this stunning shot from a Turbo Cessna 206 that was flying 4,300 feet over the Rose Bowl. Fellow pilot Larry Rogers held the plane steady while he shot, and they remained in constant communication with the FAA to avoid restricted airspace around the stealth bomber.

More aerial photos can be seen on Mark's website and in an upcoming issue of Sports Illustrated. Numbered prints are available on special photo paper. Sizes include 11 by 16 inches ($90), 16 by 24 inches ($150) and 24 by 36 inches ($275).

For more information, e-mail mark@photopilot.com, call (818) 788-5056, or visit www.photopilot.com.

-- Adam Rose

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