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Currie Hall

Phase 2 Construction

Posted on September 29, 2020

From Dirt to Completion in just over a year

I've been documenting the construction of American Campus Communities' Currie Hall Phase 2 construction since the beginning. It has been amazing to see the apartments come to life. Now that construction on the student housing complex has finished, I wanted to share some pictures of the construction.

Starting from scratch

Initially a parking lot at the corner of San Pablo Street & Valley Blvd at USC's Health Sciences Campus, the site for the future Currie Hall Phase II was demo'd and prepped for the construction.

Currie Hall Phase II Construction - March 2019

Getting its Bones

During the framing process is really where you can see the project start to take shape. It is always hard for me to visualize what a new project is going to look like but once the framing gets underway, it is a lot easier to me to see what it is going to look like.

Currie Hall Phase II Construction - September 2019

Final Touches

Once the framing is completed, the whole process really speeds up, at least from my perspective up above. In what seemed like only a couple months the Phase II construction went from a wooden frame to a completed structure.

Looking forward to seeing this project up close next time I'm down at the University of Southern California's Health Science Campus!!

Currie Hall Phase II Construction - June 2020