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Our New Website

A New Look for a New Decade

Posted on March 1, 2020

A Much Needed Makeover

Lots of new things to report in 2020! We redesigned our logo to something a little more contemporary, we upgraded our cameras and lenses (Goodbye Canon, Hello Sony!) and we finally finished our new website! We're so excited to share these new designs with you that we wanted to write a blog post and show you just how far we've come!

Our First Logo

Our first logo was designed when we were still using film cameras. It was a very different time. We'd have to constantly swap out rolls of film during a photo mission. Our first destination after landing was to the lab to develop the film and make 4x6 prints. Boy how times have changed. You can see the film influence on our original logo, which was designed by a very talented friend of mine.

Blog image of West Coast Aerial Photography's original logo

Going Digital

Digital cameras were a huge change. We no longer had to go to the photo lab to get developed, but learning how to use early versions of Photoshop took a lot of time. I remember buying my first Apple computer with iPhoto. It was so cool to be able to brighten/darken and change contrast (it has gotten a little more advanced since then). We decided that since we were no longer using film that we needed to adjust the logo to reflect our shift to digital. I took a picture of my camera lens and added the flying airplane.

Blog image of West Coast Aerial Photography's 2nd generation logo

2020: The Design Contest

With the new decade, we decided it was time to revamp our logo. Something a little more contemporary and clean. We decided we wanted to have a professional designer work on it, but where do you find a designer today? We heard about 99Designs, a website that creates a contest with designers from all over the world, to design the logo. It was a long process with constant feedback between an international group of designers with all sorts of different ideas. We ended up with a young designer from Indonesia who came up with a logo we loved -- something similar to what we had but a little more clean and modern.

Blog image of West Coast Aerial Photography's new logo

The New Website

After our new logo, we decided it was time to also redo the website. It took a lot of thought, research and discussion to finally settle on what we wanted: a website that would showcase our photos. Here are some screenshots for a brief comparison of our previous website versus our new one.

The homepage on our original website

The homepage on our current website

Original photo gallery

Current photo gallery

We hope you enjoy our new website as much as we do! Please let us know what you think!

Mark & Steven