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Orange County Fair

From Above

Posted on August 22, 2011

Have you ever wanted to see the Orange County Fair from a unique perspective? What about at night? Scroll down to get a birds-eye view of the OC Fair and explore its grounds like never before, from the air at night!

Capturing Unique Shots

Aerial photography captures the beauty and energy of the Orange County Fair in ways that simply can’t be done from the ground. With OC Fair images taken from up high from up high, you can see all of the lights, rides, and carnival games in one glance - something that would be difficult to do from any other angle. The aerial perspective gives a view of the OC Fair that most people don’t get to see in person.

Lighting and Illumination

Dusk and nighttime aerial photography provide an opportunity to get photos with particularly creative lighting and illumination. The combination of natural light and artificial light sources creates beautiful images that capture the unique atmosphere of the OC Fair. Artificial lights, such as from the Ferris Wheel, provide additional elements to make photos stand out.

The OC Fair & Event Center in Costa Mesa, California is illuminated by the brightly lit ferris wheel, providing a spectacular aerial view.

Getting The Perfect Shot

Of course, getting that perfect shot isn't always easy - especially if you're up in the air! Just like traditional photography, aerial photography requires skill and practice for success. Aerial photographers need to make sure that they understand their equipment inside and out before going up in the air - especially at night.

Additionally, understanding light conditions is key - nighttime photos require different techniques than daytime shots, as the bright lights create a very high contrast against the darkness. Camera settings need to be adjusted so photos capture as much information as possible, not just the lights and darks. This is achievable by making sure camera settings like shutter speed or ISO are correctly selected, which gives the photographer more control over how much light enters each frame, subsequently allowing for the creation of better images and video.

Aerial Perspective

The unique vantage point provided by aerial photography gives a bird’s eye view of the Orange County Fair location in Costa Mesa during nighttime hours. This allows you to see stunning images of large crowds, long lines, intricate rides, live entertainment venues, activities, games, and more all in one shot! Aerial photographs can create capture expansive scenes that tell a beautiful story about experiences at the OC Fair.

A bird's eye view of the gorgeous sunset stretching over the OC Fair & Event Center at night.

Safety First!

Finally, safety is paramount when it comes to aerial photography! Pilots must consider safety at all times by making sure they fly within FAA guidelines and note any temporary restrictions, especially above crowded events. When flying with another airplane pilot, which is highly recommended, it is important to make sure both parties know what type of photos are being taken and any specifics, like what time the image needs to be captured and where they will be taken, in advance so everyone can remain safe during the shoot. Most importantly, never take unnecessary risks - safety first!

Night aerial photography at an Orange County Fair is an incredible experience. With every flight comes new opportunities for creativity when it comes to lighting techniques and composition choices. While not easy, with some preparation and patience, it is possible to create beautiful memories that will last a lifetime!

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