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Aerial Videography

Videos from Above

Posted on January 1, 2019

What is Aerial Videography?

Aerial videography is, simply, video that is taken from the air. There are many different ways to get a camera in the air, but the most popular platforms today are airplanes, helicopters and drones/UAVs. There is no perfect platform, however, and each has its own pros and cons (more on the pros/cons of each platform can be found here).

Aerial videos can zoom in close to the action or show the surrounding area, or both!

Each Mission is Unique

Our goal with every video mission is to understand each client's individual needs and capture the best footage possible at a competitive price. No two video missions are alike. We choose the best aerial platform and equipment for each project to minimize costs for our clients without sacrificing on quality. This flexibility and years of experience allow us to safely and legally work within restricted airspaces and hard-to-reach locations.

How does it work?

Each aerial video mission is discussed in detail with the client in advance. Together, we determine which types of footage (for example HD or 4K) and shots will be necessary. These project specifics are then relayed and discussed with our aerial video team, which is comprised of award-winning camera operators, highly experienced local pilots and aerial cinematographers. The team will meet several times before any aerial videography mission to plan specific routes, pre-flight, clear any air space restrictions, and storyboard the project. We then finalize the details with our client and, once we're given approval, we schedule our aerial video mission for a day with the best weather and visibility.

Once the mission has been flown, the footage is brought back to the office, where it is color-corrected, sharpened and exported in the preferred format for the client. It is then uploaded to a secure gallery and a private link is emailed to the client (or delivered via physical storage, as needed).

If needed, additional editing can be done, where the footage will be further story boarded, edited, and music & labels will be added.