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What Does an Aerial Photographer Do?

Posted on June 11, 2015

Career Spotlight: Aerial Photographer

Usually when people find out that I do aerial photography, their first question is "so, like with drones?" While there is definitely a use for drones and I do have a great appreciation for the types of videos they can capture, my love with aviation will always keep me in an airplane. Nothing like being able to fly up in the sky and take pictures. I am lucky that I was able to take two things that I like to do (flying an airplane and taking pictures) and figure out a way to merge them together into a profession. While it isn't easy, I do really enjoy the challenge and sense of accomplishment.

"Though drones have made aerial photography more accessible than ever to amateurs and hobbyists, sometimes the only tool for the job is a Cessna and a full-frame camera."

Andy Orin - Lifehacker

It was a pleasure chatting with Andy Orin about how I became an aerial photographer. It is always amazing when I think back and realize that I had the idea to merge my two passions at the dinner table and that I actually took that idea and ran with it. I would tell any aspiring aerial photographers that even though there is a learning curve, being able to fly and take pictures is really something special and definitely worth the challenge.

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Bridgeport Mountains in California's Owens Valley

Dodger Stadium and Downtown Los Angeles at sunset of Game 4 of the 2013 NLCS Playoffs