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Eastwood Mall Named "Best" in Ohio

Posted on May 15, 2018

Eastwood Mall Takes the Crown as Ohio's Best Shopping Mall

Eastwood Mall has been officially named “the best shopping mall” in Ohio by Business Insider. With over 200 stores and its unique salt-water tanks, it’s easy to see why this mall is so popular.

  • West Coast Aerial Photography's image has been featured in an article by The Business Journal

  • Business Insider picked Eastwood Mall as "the best mall in Ohio"

  • West Coast Aerial Photography, Inc. has a long history of working with Cafaro Companies, owner and manager of Eastwood Mall

An aerial image of the Eastwood Mall, Niles, Ohio's premiere shopping destination crowned as "the best mall in Ohio" by Business Insider.

Rachel George's article highlighted the fact that Eastwood Mall offers something for everyone. From high-end fashion boutiques to family-friendly restaurants, there’s something for everyone here. The article also praised the mall’s convenient near the Ernie Hall Aviation Museum, making the shopping center a perfect stop for a day trip to the museum.

George also noted some of the unique features that make Eastwood Mall stand out from other shopping centers in Ohio, specifically, the 4,500-gallon shark tank and the two surrounding 2,500 gallon tanks with various salt-water fish and live corals.

Aerial view showcasing Eastwood Mall's impressive footprint in Niles, Ohio, as a thriving epicenter for shopping and entertainment nestled within a vibrant community.

The West Coast Aerial Photography team has been working with Cafaro Companies, who own Eastwood Mall, for many years and has enjoyed watching the malls grow and change over time. According to West Coast Aerial Photography President Mark Holtzman, “It's an honor to be associated with such a great company. We have seen firsthand how much work goes into making Eastwood Mall one of the best shopping experiences in Ohio."

For those looking for a great shopping experience in Ohio, look no further than Eastwood Mall! With its convenient location, massive salt-water tanks, and variety of stores and restaurants, it truly deserves its title as “the best shopping mall” in Ohio according to Business Insider.

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