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The Grand LA

Luxury Apartments from Above

Posted on December 2, 2022

At The Grand LA luxury apartment complex in downtown Los Angeles, the influence of world-renowned architect Frank Gehry is unmistakable. We decided to take to the skies and capture some aerial photography throughout the construction process of this unique building overlooking Grand Park.

The Grand LA Towers

The Grand LA is a luxurious apartment and hotel complex located in the Grand Ave arts corridor designed by Frank Gehry, "the most important architect of our age," according to Vanity Fair. Known for iconic designs such as the Walt Disney Concert Hall and Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, Gehry has earned numerous awards and international acclaim for his work. Gehry's distinct design for The Grand Avenue Project is no exception; it features an ornate glass and steel façade that stands out from other buildings in Downtown. The two towers boast some of the best views in all of downtown Los Angeles, with sweeping panoramic vistas from its top floors.

The residential tower is surrounded by lush green gardens on either side and has a unique feature that sets it apart from other buildings in downtown L.A.: a large central courtyard with glass walls that let light and fresh air flow into each unit. At night, this courtyard lights up with hundreds of twinkling lights that make it even more attractive to residents and visitors alike. The Conrad Hotel tower features a large atrium lobby that is open to the public, as well as several restaurants and bars on site.

When you see The Grand LA from above, contrasted with Disney Concert Hall, the Music Center, and Broad Museum, it is easy to notice the novel design and its integration into Bunker Hill and downtown Los Angeles’ skyline. You can also get an idea of how much effort was made to maintain green space around the building — something that has been carefully preserved despite its urban location.

The Grand Avenue Project construction begins adjacent Disney Concert Hall and The Broad Museum in Bunker Hill, Los Angeles

Aerial Photography of The Grand LA Construction Process

The benefit of using aerial photography for construction projects is the accurate documentation of progress over time. This can be invaluable when planning future projects as well as keeping track of budgets and timelines. By capturing images regularly during construction, you can easily compare them side-by-side and spot any discrepancies or changes in progress quickly.

In addition to tracking progress over time, aerial photography can also help identify potential problems during the course of construction of a large building complex like The Grand LA. By having up-to-date images taken with helicopters or airplanes, potential issues can be spotted much more quickly than from ground level. This saves both time and money in terms of the repairs or replacements required down the line due to unforeseen problems that could be missed due to lack of visibility from the ground. Flying aerial photography missions at regular intervals creates a detailed, aerial record of the construction progress that can be used to track the project throughout the entire construction and helps ensure that the project is completed on schedule and within budget.

From above, photos showcase the intricate details of this magnificent building, which features both a hotel and luxury residences, and get a better sense of how it fits into its urban context, as well as get an overview of all the amenities that make it so luxurious for tenants.

Aerial photography plays an important role in many aspects of today’s construction industry—from documentation during construction to marketing after completion. As demonstrated by The Grand LA luxury complex in Los Angeles, CA, aerial photography can provide invaluable insights into a project’s progress while also capturing stunning visuals that can be used by builders and marketers alike.

The Grand LA is an incredible example of modern world class architecture and luxury living in downtown Los Angeles, offering a combination of modern architecture, lush greenery, and city living convenience. Thanks to aerial photography, we have an opportunity to appreciate its grandeur from a unique perspective—one that captures both its form and function in one beautiful shot.

Aerial view of The Grand LA, which overlooks the Walt Disney Concert Hall, Music Center, The Broad, and Grand Park in Downtown Los Angeles