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Los Angeles

Aerial Photography

Posted on January 2, 2020

If you’re looking for stunning aerial photography of the Los Angeles area, you’ve come to the right place. The City of Los Angeles is a vibrant, diverse and expansive metropolis, with many unique areas and attractions. From the Hollywood Hills to the Pacific Ocean, there are countless stories waiting to be told through aerial photography.

What is Aerial Photography?

Aerial photography is the art of taking photos from an elevated position, typically with a camera from an aircraft. This specialized type of photography provides unique angles that are not possible with traditional terrestrial photography. Aerial photographers use aircraft to capture stunning images of landscapes, cities, monuments, etc., for use in advertising, marketing campaigns, real estate listings, and more. With aerial photography, there are no limits to the creative possibilities.

The Pacific Design Center is a multi-building, multi-use space for the design community in West Hollywood, California

The Benefits of Aerial Photography in Los Angeles

Los Angeles has some of the most iconic landmarks and breathtaking landscapes in all of California. From Downtown LA to Santa Monica beachfront communities, there is no shortage of incredible visuals to capture with aerial photography. Whether you’re interested in showcasing your property for potential buyers or documenting a construction project, aerial photography offers an ideal solution.

Built by Architect Ed Niles, the "Sidley House" (also known as the "Spaceship House") is a steel and glass structure in Malibu, California

Marketing Real Estate

Real estate agents can use aerial photographs to market residential or commercial real estate properties they have listed for sale or rent in Los Angeles County. Aerial photographs offer potential buyers and renters an immediate impression of a particular property and the surrounding areas. These unique shots are especially useful when marketing properties that are very large and ground photographs don't do the location justice.

Aerial view of the Grand LA construction progress in Downtown Los Angeles, California

Monitoring Progress on Construction Projects

Another great use for aerial photography is tracking progress on large-scale construction projects such as shopping centers, apartment complexes, or industrial buildings. By scheduling regular aerial photo shoots, contractors and developers can track building progress without having to constantly inspect and document their work in person. This saves time and money while also giving an accurate picture of their project’s development over time. These historical photographs can also be referenced for insurance purposes, with a single photograph potentially able to save developers both time and money in case of legal disputes.

Aerial photo map (orthophoto) of the Port of Los Angeles and Port of Long Beach

Mapping Entire Neighborhoods

In addition to providing stunning visuals, aerial photography also offers practical benefits as well. By using airplanes that are equipped with high-resolution cameras, photographers can easily survey large areas, generating accurate and high-resolution imagery for GIS and CAD purposes. These aerial photo maps can be utilized for planning purposes or to generate leads contractors, for example roofing contractors who can easily identify roofs in need of repair.

Santa Monica Pier sparkles along with the rest of the City of Santa Monica, as the sun dips below the Pacific Ocean at sunset

Whether you’re looking for a way to monitor your construction project’s progress or just want stunning photographs for the wall that capture the unique beauty of the Los Angeles cityscape, aerial photography is the perfect solution!

Aerial photography provides an unparalleled view of any landscape or urban environment—making it perfect for all kinds of applications! So if you’re looking for top-notch aerial photography services in LA, look no further than Mark and Steven here at West Coast Aerial Photography!

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