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Dodger Stadium

Aerial Views

Posted on November 30, 2020

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to get a bird’s-eye view of Dodger Stadium? From the air, you can see the entire stadium in one shot, as well as its surroundings. Let’s dive into why aerial photography is important for capturing sports venues and explore some of my favorite angles of Dodger Stadium.

Types of Aerial Photography of Dodger Stadium

When it comes to capturing aerial shots of Dodger Stadium, there are several approaches that can be taken depending on the desired views. For example, if you want to focus on capturing details about the stadium itself, such as seating arrangements or concession stands then a low-angled approach would be best suited for this purpose -- while this would usually mean a photograph from a low-altitude, that isn't possible due to the TFR (temporary flight restriction) during Dodger games.

On the other hand, if you are looking for an overall picture of Dodger Stadium within its urban environment then a high-altitude approach would work better for this goal since it allows for wider coverage of the entire stadium, but this comes at a cost of not having too much detail of the events happening on the field below.

Additionally, shots taken at different times throughout the day will provide varying lighting conditions which can add very dramatic effects and depth to photos.

Aerial view of Dodger Stadium at night

Aerial photography offers some unique benefits when it comes to capturing images of Dodger Stadium. First and foremost, you can capture views from high above that just aren’t possible from the ground level. While there are elevated hills overlooking the stadium in Elysian Park, the view is quite different. In an airplane or helicopter, you also have access to different heights and altitudes which allow you to capture more perspectives than possible with traditional ground-level photography techniques.

Aerial photography can be especially useful when it comes to capturing sports stadiums such as Dodger Stadium. An aerial shot provides a panoramic view of a stadium and the city, allowing viewers to take in the full scope of the venue on display in relation to the surrounding area. By being able to view these details from such a unique angle, aerial photographers are able to create stunning images that showcase stadiums in all their glory.

High-altitude aerial view of Dodger Stadium at sunset, with Downtown Los Angeles and Santa Catalina Island in the background

An Iconic LA Landmark

Dodger Stadium is one of the most famous and well-loved landmarks in Los Angeles, California, as iconic as the palm trees that dot the city, and has helped to create legendary personalities like Vin Scully. Aerial views are an excellent way to explore Dodger Stadium and other Los Angeles landmarks, as the aerial perspective provides a unique view of these iconic locations, allowing you to see the layout of the land in a whole new way.

A vertical view of Dodger Stadium during a Los Angeles Dodgers and San Francisco Giants baseball game

For many Angelenos, Dodger Stadium is more than just a baseball stadium - it's a symbol of Los Angeles itself. It's the oldest ballpark in MLB west of the Mississippi River and it's the largest baseball stadium in the world by seat capacity. What's more, Dodger Stadium is located in a beautiful and historic part of Los Angeles, in Elysian Park situated next to Chavez Ravine and overlooking Downtown Los Angeles, making it a popular destination for locals and tourists alike. The stadium has been home to many memorable events over the years, from various World Series and National League Championship Series games to Motocross competitions to the Summer Olympics, and it's always been a favorite spot for Dodgers fans.

Whether you're a lifelong fan or you're just visiting LA for the first time, a baseball game at Dodger Stadium is definitely worth checking out!

The Los Angeles Dodgers play the Boston Red Sox at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum 50 years after the team moved to Los Angeles, California

Who are the Los Angeles Dodgers?

The Los Angeles Dodgers are an American professional baseball team based in Los Angeles, California. Established in 1883 in the city of Brooklyn, New York, the Dodgers owner and president Walter O'Malley relocated the franchise to Los Angeles before the 1958 season. The team played their first four seasons at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum before moving to their current home of Dodger Stadium in 1962.

The Los Angeles Dodgers are one of the most successful and storied franchises in MLB, having won seven World Series championships and a record 24 National League pennants.

The Los Angeles Dodgers play the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim at Dodger Stadium

Aerial photography is perfect for capturing beautiful images of Dodger Stadium, so if you're looking for a memorable perspective, be sure to check out some of my favorite Dodgers Stadium pictures from over the years!