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Associated Press

Debunking Dodger Stadium Flood Misinformation

Posted on August 30, 2023

Aerial Photographer Mark Holtzman Debunks Dodger Stadium Flooding Misinformation

While Hurricane Hilary wreaked havoc in Southern California, a wave of misinformation spread online, suggesting that the Dodger Stadium was flooded. Mark Holtzman, an professional aerial photographer with years of experience flying above Los Angeles and President of West Coast Aerial Photography, Inc., skillfully debunked this claim.

Holtzman, an renown figure in the field of aerial photography, utilized his unique perspective to clarify that the stadium remained unaffected by the storm and that the phenomena was merely an optical illusion, contrary to circulating rumors claiming that Dodger Stadium was flooded. His high-resolution images provided a visual testimony that showed the areas around Dodger Stadium are on an incline and unable to hold standing water, concluding that the viral video was merely an illusion, a reflection of light off the wet concrete.

"As an aerial photographer, I get to see the city from a very different perspective. It's gratifying to be able to use my expertise to provide accurate information and educate the public on some of the aerial phenomena that I see on a regular basis," Holtzman stated.

The false information about the flooding of the Dodgers Stadium is a reminder of the power and speed of misinformation in today's digital age. It is experts like Holtzman, equipped with their years of experience and specialized skills, who are instrumental in dispelling such inaccuracies.

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Aerial photograph illustrating that Dodger Stadium's parking lots reside on an incline, which are incapable of retaining standing water due to their sloping nature, dispelling rumors that Dodger Stadium flooded during Hurricane Hilary.